Rocket League: Insults punish a language filter

Rocket League: Insults punish a language filter

Every multiplayer on-line game has difficulties with users who do not want social cohesion and often become obsolete or simply provoke. There is no patent against this behavior. In Rocket League automatic locks should help with language filters.

To prevent the climate from being permanently poisoned in the community, Psyonix no longer blocks players only after a message has been generated for the customer service. These reporting systems, which in most games have a separate subdivision for insults, are generally ineffective; it is often necessary to have a very serious derailment in order to get a lock.

Start with more than 20 words

This is where the “Language-Ban” system starts: Messages are now processed by Psyonix more automated. If one of ” more than 20 words and variants, ” such as a racist remark, is made in the complaint, the author is automatically suspended. It also takes into account write errors or creative spellings. This is possible because a message is added to the entire chat history of the match. The system is needed because of the ” thousands of daily complaints ” that go into the Psyonix system, the majority of ” insults and harassment “. These could now be processed ” quickly and precisely “.

At the same time, the innovation can be understood as part of the developers’ efforts to build a cross – platform game: the title can be played together on consoles and the PC with the exception of the PlayStation 4 – Sony locks up on Rocket League and Minecraft against the tearing of the platform boundaries Reference to protection of minors.

Repeaters have to watch permanently

The index list, which the developers do not want to make public for good reasons, is to be expanded over time and cover words as well as speeches of different languages. The system works with thresholds. Each word has a point value that is added – not every term leads to immediate sanctioning, some words have to fall into several messages in order to have a negative impact.

Wird der Schwellenwert erreicht, wird der betreffende Spieler vom Geschehen ausgeschlossen. Die Strafen beginnen bei einem Ausschluss von 24 Stunden und steigern sich über Wochen bis hin zu einer dauerhaften Sperre für die schlimmsten Wiederholungstäter. Community-Manager Devin stellte auf Reddit zudem klar, dass „Trash Talk“ und Vulgärsprache nicht das Ziel der Maßnahmen sind.

Positive impact

The fact that the system actually helps to sanction undesirable behavior is shown in the Steam forum. There users express themselves positively about the new chat culture and describe the system as “drastic change”. Whether this condition holds, remains to be seen: Players are usually creative when bypassing automated filter systems.



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