IPhone 8: Camera features even with 4K videos with 60 FPS

IPhone 8 4K recordings – Presumably, Apple will present the iPhone 8 on September 6 shortly before the IFA in Berlin. The anniversary smartphone from Apple will probably have a dual camera, which can record 4K video at 60 frames per second.

Myth 8: The Ducal Camer Myth Chak Video

The Apple anniversary iPhone 8 is, like the iPhone 7 Plus, a dual camera exhibit. According to reports, the camera can record videos in 4K quality and with 60 pictures (FPS) per second.

Corresponding information was discovered by the code in the firmware of Apple HomePod and iOS 11. Just a few days ago, the firmware from the stationary Apple Speaker delivered new features, which iOS 11.0.22 is to bring with it.


Features of iPhone 8 dual camera discovered

Together with the iHelp BR website, the developer Guilherme Rambo has discovered the new features of the dual camera. According to the website, the programming code is an indication that the dual camera in the iPhone 8 can deliver 4K shots (4096 x 2160 pixels) at 60 frames per second. This possibility is not only the backside main camera offer, but supposedly also the front camera. The new Apple processor A11 will probably have no problem with processing such data.

G.Rambo has also found a program code called “SmartCam” in HomePod. Although there is still no binding statement, but the website Redmondpie assumes that this could be an image recognition. For example, a software could make adjustments to ISO, HDR, or shutter speed before shooting the camera using the selected subject. Furthermore, functions such as “SceneBaby”, ScenePet “and” FreezeMotion “were discovered. Title: Suspicious iPhone 8 Image OnLeaks TigerMobile.




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