Hydrogen One von RED: Holografie-Smartphone im Video

Hydrogen One with Holography – “THE WORLD’S FIRST HOLOGRAPHIC MEDIA MACHINE” is the announcement of a smartphone with hologram display on the website of the camera manufacturer RED. Now a video of the Hydrogen One has appeared on YouTube that reveals more details of the holography smartphone.

Hydrogen One: Hologram smartphone in the video

“The future of personal communication, information acquisition, holographic multi-view, 2D, 3D, AR / VR / MR and image recording now changed forever,” says Red on the website.

The You Tuber Brownlee has released a video showing the Hydrogen One. According to Brownlee, the hologram smartphone is about the same size, as the Apple iPhone 7, but with its envelope.

Prototype with details

According to The Verge, the Hydrogen One is so big because the ultra-modern technology and the extremely complex camera system can not be accommodated in a flat and small housing. As can be seen in the video of the alleged prototype, there is a special button to start the recording of videos. In the Powerbutton the fingerprint sensor is probably hidden.

In the video the holographic display is unfortunately not shown. The reason for this is that the prototype could not be shown in front of a running camera according to Brownlee. As Brownlee in the video tells, the contents on the display for a four-dimensional screen are to be represented, but also 2D video are possible. The hologram display is intended to convey a 3D-like impression. Another prototype in the YouTube video demonstrates the camera module and the image sensor. A launch of the Hydrogen One from Red is planned for the first quarter of 2018. In the color Titanium, the device costs 1,595 dollars (1,400 euros) and in the aluminum version 1,195 dollars (1050 euros).



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