Google Pixel 2: Photo shows the small flagship smartphone

A photo published by Twitter is to show the front and back of the autumn-expected Google pixel successor. The optical changes to the predecessor are limited by the recording.

Neither frameless display nor dual camera

The photo of the 2017 model of Google Pixel (Codename: Walleye) comes from the high hit rate for smartphone leaks tech blogger Evan Blass. Google for the new pixel on increasingly popular smartphone designs, so Glass. In fact, the optics are reminiscent of the first pixel model of 2016.

Blass assumes that Google has instructed the pixel production partner HTC to make only minor design adjustments. The housing area above and below the 4.97 inch display is relatively large compared to this year’s flagship smartphones. While top models such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 (test) or LG G6 (test) rely on almost frameless display design, the Google Pixel 2 reminds us of the generous generations of flagship generations.

The rear side also looks similar to the previous year’s model by the division into a glass and an aluminum area. The glass surface, however, shrinks somewhat in the coming pixel model, whereby the backside fingerprint sensor travels onto the metal area. The camera still consists of a single lens. Just as with this year’s version of Pixel XL, Google will not use a dual-lense camera even with the smaller pixel model.


Stereo sound and edge sense, no jack connection

According to Blass, the new pixel model is equipped with stereo speakers, which are based on HTC’s in-house audio technology BoomSound. However, pixel users of this year’s version have a high probability of missing a different sound feature: the headphone jack. This is evidenced by Evan Blass and tech journalist Stephen Hall.

In addition, with EdgeSense a function of the HTC U11 (test) is to be installed in the next pixel. The user can thereby trigger various actions, such as the start of the camera app, by pressing on the housing frame. In conjunction with the pixel, various Google wizard features are possible that can be triggered using EdgeSense.

Google has reportedly selected the Snapdragon 835 as the SoC of the pixel. In addition, 4 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of storage space.


Google Pixel XL with slimmer display frame

The Google Pixel XL 2 (Codename: Taimen) offers according to a 5.99-inch display. Compared to the pixel successor, the larger XL variant of Google’s smartphone should have significantly smaller display frames. The production partner will not be HTC, but LG.



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