CallYa Smartphone Special Price: Unique with 2.5 GB

CallYa Smartphone Special with 2.5 GB – As announced, Vodafone will expand the data volume in its CallYa prepaid tariffs on August 8 for new and existing customers. For new customers of the CallYa Smartphone Special tariff Vodafone offers a unique offer.

CallYa Smartphone Special with 2.5 GB

As of August 8, Vodafone will increase the data volume in the CallYa Smartphone Special tariff from the current 1 GB to 1.25 GB. Vodafone also offers a unique offer for CallYa new customers.

New customers who order a CallYa Smartphone Special tariff at will get the doubled data volume once. Instead of 1.25 GB they receive 2.5 GB data volume for 4 weeks. The prerequisite is, however, that a minimum of 15 Euro credit will be charged by 7 November.

CallYa Special tariff with up to 500 Mbit / s


The CallYa Smartphone Special tariff will also have more than 200 minutes per SMS per minute or SMS in all German mobile networks. For the German Vodafone network is a network-internal flat for minutes and SMS. If the inclusion units are prematurely used in the other networks, 9 cents are charged for each additional minute and SMS.

In the Vodafone 4G LTE network, CallYa customers can surf at up to 500 Mbps. However, the network capacity must provide this bandwidth and the customer must use appropriate hardware. The basic fee for the 4-week period of use is 9.99 euros. With the included EU Roaming-Flat customers can also use the complete data volume in the EU-foreign countries.





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