Let’s see which emoji could be included in the Unicode 11.0 standard

Although Unicode 10 emoji have been approved for a few weeks, the consortium is already working for next year’s standard and shows a first list that contains 67 new candidates. This is not obviously a definitive ally, but rather a first set of candidates who possess the necessary requirements to face the examination by the committee, which will then have to approve the new Unicode 11 standard .

Among the 67 new emoji, 11 new gossip were added, including some dedicated to the most “party”, two superheroes, gossip to express some sensations and a new version of one of the most controversial emotions in the original language Is called “Frowning Pile of Poo”. Below you will find the current version and the new proposal.

Among the potential innovations we find new animals such as kangaroo, knife, peacock or hippo, new foods like cupcake, salt, bagel, mango and more. This is for most commonly used items that will simplify communications between people. You can find the full list of proposals by visiting this address, remembering that final approval is scheduled for October, but the official release will not take place before mid 2018.



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