LG V30: Change of course for LG, which finally begins to integrate AMOLED screens on its smartphones

While Samsung is about to unveil its Galaxy Note 8, its eternal competitor, LG, is also preparing to release a new high-end smartphone, the LG V30. In a strange communication exercise, the Korean brand has given new details on this device and said it will have an AMOLED screen. A decision that confirms a change of course important for LG.

With the LG G6 (our test), released at the beginning of the year, LG released an excellent phone that finally had a real flaw: its screen was still based on an IPS LCD panel and not an AMOLED slab. Although the screen was very good – especially since it was one of the first borderless displays – it was far behind that of the Galaxy S8, both brighter and more accurate in terms of colorimetry .

LG V30: a curved P OLED display and QHD +

This should change as soon as the LG V30, the next high-end smartphone from LG, is expected to be announced for IFA 2017. In a press release published on its official website, Screen of “his next flagship” will be entitled to an AMOLED screen. LG gives a lot of details about it. Not only will it be a “plastic OLED” (or P-OLED) screen, the flexibility of which will allow it to have curved edges, but in addition it will have a diagonal of 6 inches and a QHD + definition of 1440 x 2880 pixels. Like the LG G6, this screen will have a ratio of 18: 9 and will be all in length.

The LG V30 should have the same screen ratio as the LG G6.



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