BLU smartphones, once again infected with spyware, have been banned from selling on Amazon

A company specializing in cybersecurity claims that phones of the US brand BLU are still under the influence of a spyware. Although data are actually collected, it is currently impossible to know whether they are kept or not.

Amazon has just suspended the sale of Android phones from the Floridian company BLU. The reason for this decision? The presence of Chinese spy software on the models of the brand. Kryptowire, a US-based cyber security company, announced the news at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas in late July. She discovered the deception by surprising Shanghai Adups Technology, the company behind the spy software, recovering data from American phones on Chinese servers.

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Kryptowire said the software is still present on some BLU devices, but in a more discrete version. And this despite an update that was already supposed to remedy the first scandal it revealed in November 2016. The junk allows remote control of the phone, record messages and calls, and retrieve other data Contained in the infected device. If the information could be traced back to Adups, it is not possible to know their fate once in the Chinese server and whether or not they are deleted as claimed by the Asian company.

Amazon does not joke with security

“Because the security and privacy of our customers are of the utmost importance, all BLU phones have been made unavailable for purchase on until the problem is resolved,” said Amazon To CNET. The US distributor has also removed BLU from its privileged program “Prime Exclusive Phones” which highlights some distributors on its store. In France, with the exception of the marketplace, Amazon has also suspended Blu-ray phones. Those that are available for sale are second-hand models from other re-sellers.

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In response, BLU recently announced to The Verge that its phones are operating normally and that a standard data collection is being conducted without compromising the privacy and security of users. The company now wants Amazon to lift its sanction and return its devices for sale.



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