New evidence approaches the launch of VEI, the virtual operator of Vodafone

The presentation of VEI, Vodafone‘s virtual mobile operator, is now emerging as it is emerging to counter Kena Mobile and especially the fourth operator, Iliad, which will arrive on the Italian market by the end of this year. After the telephone prefix, which we reported a few weeks ago, there are further indications on the operator, which would appear in the Three computer systems.

You did not read it, we refer to Tre, that in your dealer station, the portal used by traders to perform SIM-related operations, inserted the ICCID code 893910, which will be used by the VEI SIM, and which is the same as used by Vodafone.

It therefore seems that VEI, and consequently Vodafone, are preparing the sales network and relations with the other operators, adapting the computer systems in view of the arrival in the new operator. For the time being it is just rumors, but we will hardly see the launch of the new virtual operator before September.

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