IPhone 8: 4K video recordings with 60 frames per second

New findings from Apple’s published HomePod firmware point to a series of camera features of the iPhone 8. Apple’s upcoming flagship smartphone supports 4K video recordings at 60 frames per second. Recording modes for different scenarios such as sky or sport are also on the agenda.

4K recordings with 60 FPS

Codes from the firmware of the HomePod offered by the iPhone manufacturer a week ago do not only provide information about the Siri loudspeaker. Also, a lot of the iPhone code base is included.

The Brazilian Apple new site iHelp BR has discovered an improved camera performance of the iPhone 8. The two entries Back4K60VideoSupported and Front4K60VideoSupported are not assigned to a specific device, but could refer to the upcoming high-end iPhone. The jump to 4K video recordings with 60 images per second would be a significant advance to iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, whose Framerate is limited to 30 FPS with 4K-Videos. Also competitors such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 or LG G6 deliver with 4K shots 30 frames per second.

The division of the code lines into “Front” and “Back” is striking. Thus, not only the main camera of the iPhone 8 could offer an increase to 60 FPS, but also the camera on the front. However, it is unlikely that Apple’s secondary camera is as high-quality as the counterpart on the back. In addition, the small camera opening on the top of the display probably does not allow any similar high-performance camera technology as on the back. The front camera of the iPhone 7 allows maximum 1080p video with 30 frames per second.

Except for better video recording, an increased Framerate would also be useful for augmented reality applications that allow Apple from iOS 11 onwards. The amount of data increased by 4K with 60 FPS could counteract Apple with the new Codec HEVC.


Shooting modes for different scenarios

The iPhone 8 camera is expected to be not only in terms of performance data. In addition, an intelligent detection function for different recording scenarios is indicated. The HomePod firmware contains entries like SmartcamScenePet, SmartcamSceneSnow and SmartcamSceneSunsetSunrise. Thus the iPhone 8 could automatically recognize whether the user photographed a pet or a snowscape and dynamically adjust the recording parameters.

In addition, there are entries like freezeMotion.petScene or freezeMotion.babyScene, which should point to intelligent motion detection. The iPhone 8 could recognize a moving creature or object, classify it into a specific category, and calculate when the right moment is for a good photo – when a baby looks at the camera and smiles.


Face scanner as unlocking method

The first possible findings, which the HomePod firmware delivered via the iPhone 8, concerned itself at the beginning of the week with the unlocking method of the Apple smartphone. Various code lines with the term BKFaceDetect could be an indication of a biometric face detection using infrared sensors. Already in February, there were first signs, according to which Apple at this year’s iPhone flagship on a face scanner. It is still uncertain whether the Group is planning the infrared sensors as a supplement or replacement for the Touch ID fingerprint scanner.



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