Nokia 2: Prototype is probably on first pictures

Alleged Nokia 2 Mockup image Baidu comNokia 2 in Pictures – The first high-end Android smartphone from Nokia that Nokia 8 is now official and will probably be presented on August 16 by licensor HMD Global and Nokia. To the still planned beginner device, Nokia 2, are now supposedly first pictures of a prototype dived.

Nokia 2: Pictures from the prototype

HMD Global and Nokia will present three models this year. While the high-end model Nokia 8 is already official, so far to the low budget model Nokia 2 and the Nokia 7 little details are known.

A Nokia group has published first pictures of the alleged Nokia 2 prototype. The recordings probably show a design mockup. It is not clear whether the hardware is already hidden in the prototype. The website uploaded the pictures.

Images show HDM Global typical design

On the published pictures the Nokia 2 is to be seen from the front and back. An integrated or functioning hardware is not visible in the mockup or prototype. The design itself, however, is similar to previous Nokia models from HMD Global.

The logo can be seen at the upper right edge of the front, but “Nokia” is not yet on the device, but only “Brand”. Not unusual in mockups. The front camera seems to offer an LED flash. The lower edge again points to a metal housing. Because capacitive buttons are missing, Nokia 2 onscreen buttons could be used. The back shows a small cut that is probably intended for the flash of the main camera. It is assumed for the Nokia a 4.7 – 5.0-inch display with HD resolution. The drive will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 processor and 1 gigabyte of memory.



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