Vodafone Prepaid: More data volume for CallYa and internet options

Vodafone Prepaid: More data volume for CallYa and internet options

New and existing customers of Vodafones CallYa tariffs and Internet options will receive more data volume at the same price as from August 8th. This is what the Düsseldorfers have today officially confirmed, after rumors circulated. Vodafone has made changes on three CallYa tariffs and three internet options.

The changeover will benefit new and explicitly existing customers of the prepaid tariffs CallYa Smartphone Special, CallYa Smartphone Allnet and CallYa Smartphone International. In these tariffs, Vodafone currently offers an LTE data volume of 1, 2 and 1 gigabyte. As of August 8th, the CallYa Smartphone Special tariff will be 1.25 gigabytes, the CallYa Smartphone Allnet 2.5 gigabyte and CallYa Smartphone International, which can be used in addition to the usual free EU roaming in Turkey 1.25 gigabytes aufgestockt.

Four weeks running time and same prices

At the prices and other conditions of the CallYa tariffs nothing changes. CallYa Smartphone Special costs EUR 9.99 with a four-week term and offers a Vodafone-Flat for telephony and SMS as well as 200 minutes or SMS in all German networks. CallYa Smartphone Allnet costs 22.50 Euro with four weeks of running time and offers a telephony as well as SMS Flat in all German networks. With the LTE data volume, all tariffs have access to the 4G network, which is up to 500 Mb / s depending on the region, before the consumption is throttled to 32 Kbit / s.

Only for the CallYa Smartphone Special tariff there is until 7th November a special action for new customers, after the purchase by the date mentioned and the charging of the card with at least 15 euros unique for the first four weeks a data volume doubled to 2.5 gigabytes receive.

Two data packets without change

In addition, Vodafone revises three of the five Internet options that can be used for additional data volume or the CallYa Talk & SMS prepaid entry tariff, which comes standard without data volumes. The 150 megabyte version for 2.99 euros will offer 200 megabytes as of August 8, the package with 1 gigabyte for 9.99 euros will be jacked up to 1.25 gigabytes and the Internet option with 2 gigabytes for 19.99 euros Then 2.5 gigabytes. The Internet options remain unchanged with 500 megabytes and 4 gigabytes for 5.99 and 29.99 euros. As with CallYa, a term of four weeks applies.



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