The Hydrogen One from RED, the smartphone at 1200 dollars and with a holographic screen, is revealed in a video

The company RED has a known and recognized know-how, especially in the cinema cameras. Nevertheless, it has never released a smartphone and so we are all curious to see what its worth Hydrogen One, holographic screen smartphone. Today, a Youtubeur who had the opportunity to hold the smartphone in hand gives his first impressions.

First Handling

Brands Brownlee is a renowned Youtubeur in the United States that is interested in new smartphones. RED decided to show him different prototypes of smartphones, one not functional with the final design, one equipped with the holographic screen and the last one equipped with the RED camera.

Regarding the design of the phone, Brownlee talks about a pleasant grip of a smartphone (5.7 inches) large enough with an industrial design to the Moto Z. A design succeeded and cared for by quality materials like kevlar.



Brownlee draws our attention to small details such as the presence of a USB Type-C port and a Jack port. Similarly, the speakers are placed on the front panel and the fingerprint reader is included in the ignition button.

The Youtubeur does not show the holographic screen in his video, but claims that the effect produced by the screen is truly impressive. Note that Red expects to release a model with a classic 2D display.

As a reminder, RED would like to release its smartphone for a price of 1200 dollars … at least.




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