HD + for satellite: Eurosport shows 40 Bundesliga games with HD +

Bundesliga with HD + for satellite – Shortly before the start of the football league, a solution for the 40 Bundesliga games acquired by Eurosport is emerging. The games will be available on satellite TV via HD +. This is probably not the case for Sky customers.

Eurosport Bundesliga with HD + satellite

For the season 2017/2018, Sky has only acquired the TV rights to 266 of 306 live matches of the football Bundesliga. Eurosport, which belongs to the Discovery group, has been given the TV rights for 40 Bundesliga games as well as the Supercup and the Relegation games.

In the dispute over the TV rights of the football league, Discovery and Sky were unable to agree on a feed-in of the 40 games to the Sky program. But now there is a spectacular twist in the dispute between Eurosport and Sky. From next season the Eurosport games will be featured on the HD + satellite platform. In addition to the 40 point games, the four relegation games and the Supercup are also transferred to HD +.

Bundesliga with HD + for mtl. 10,75 Euro

On the website of HD + is already officially advertised for the soccer league. In order to receive HD +, reception via satellite is necessary. In addition, an HD + receiver, an HD + module or an HD + TVkey is required. If the interested party has the necessary hardware, the HD + package can be booked at a monthly rate of € 5.75. With the booking, viewers receive 23 private TV channels in HD.

To receive the Bundesliga the Eurosport package “HD Premium +” has to be booked for a further 5 Euro per month. The total monthly costs are therefore € 10.75 per month. HD + users can test Eurosport 2 HD Extra free of charge until 4 September 2017.

Sky customers with a satellite connection can also book HD + and Eurosport 2 HD Extra. Customers with a cable connection look literally “into the tube”.

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