Google Play Store: Google straft instabile Android-Apps ab

Google will lower Play Store apps lower in searchranking in the future, if the respective Android application by negatives like instability strikes notice. In return, apps with a high quality standard are placed more prominently.

App crashes ensure lower search-ranking

Google is gearing the search algorithms of the Play Store to the factor App quality. While high-quality apps appear earlier in the search results, unstable applications fall into the ranking list. Apart from crashes, a high battery charge or a slow start can also lead to a worse app placement.

The adjusted ranking method is rewarding developers for good work, ensuring a higher sales of corresponding apps and a much better usage experience in Android, according to Google. To find out if an app is messy, Google analyzes performance data and looks at user interaction and play store ratings.

Not only the search results but also other play-store areas such as recommendations and suggestions for me are affected by the changeover.


Quality offensive in the Play Store

The changed search ranking is the next step in Google’s quality campaign for the Play Store. The search engine giant announced a few weeks ago to use Machine Learning to track down problematic Android programs. In addition, the Android Excellence Program, which highlights applications and games that stand out with regard to design, performance and device optimization, was launched in June.

Tools for app optimization

Google provides developers with a set of tools to identify vulnerabilities. The Android Vitals Dashboard in the Google Play Console, for example, helps programmers from Android apps find and eliminate weaknesses in their own application.



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