Tired of Stories on Facebook Messenger? Know that there is a solution for this too

The 2017 fashion for messaging applications was undoubtedly the addition of so-called Stories. After the first appearance on Snapchat, the good Zuckerberg or who for him decided that the idea was brilliant, so to take it without much scruples on its entire application park.

The stories came first on Instagram, then on Facebook and Facebook Messenger, and finally on WhatsApp, which has always made simplicity its success. Stories, as many people use daily, did not make everyone happy. In addition to making the applications heavier than they already are, Stories are also duplicated on multiple applications, making them chaotic and dispersive.

If you’re used to using Facebook Messenger but this story does not go down there, you know there are several solutions. If you have root permissions on your device, you can run a non-complicated procedure discovered by a user on XDA (here you find the thread), which allows you to take advantage of the features offered by Messenger, excluding the notorious Stories.

The guide is also valid without root permissions, but in that case you will first need to remove all applications from the Facebook ecosystem (Facebook, Page Manager, Facebook Lite, etc.) from the device because of incompatibility with the version Messenger of Messenger. If you do not want to give up these applications you can always use Messenger Lite, the minimal version that allows you to exchange messages and little else officially available in Italy.

Will any of you use this escamotage to disable Stories from Facebook Messenger? Or do you already use the lightweight Messenger Lite and do not have these problems? The box of comments, as always, is at your disposal.




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