Getting Started with the Meizu Pro 7: A Success Story Despite an Underutilized Secondary Display

Last week, Meizu announced a (actually, two) very strange smartphone: the Meizu Pro 7. Main originality, it is one of the few smartphones to have two screens, one on the front and the other Located on the back of the phone. After a few hours in his company, here are our first impressions.

Meizu is probably not the best known Chinese smartphone manufacturers. It should be said that at the level of China, this is clearly not the biggest phone seller. But this does not prevent him from systematically finding small originalities enabling him to stand out. Last year, with the Pro 6, it was his Force Touch screen. This year, with the Pro 7, it’s a second screen placed in the back of the phone. But to reduce the Pro 7 to this simple peculiarity would be a little unfair: it has many other arguments capable of seducing.

An impeccable finish

Starting with its general design first. The Meizu Pro 7 is really a beautiful phone, with very worked finishes. Entirely metal, its touch and general ergonomics are excellent. In our black version, when the device is turned off, it looks like a beautiful black pad breathing class. Its shell, entirely in black matte metal is simply superb and very pleasant to the touch of extra. This metal shell is also very slightly domed, which makes the handling pleasant. I insist, the Meizu Pro 7 is surely one of the most classy smartphones I could take in hand this year.

And of course, there is this screen in the middle of the back of the phone, which can not be ignored. A word about its integration before talking about its features: it is perfect. The screen does not exceed one millimeter of the hull, it is just if one feels a plate of glass in the middle of the back of metal. Is it beautiful? It’s a question of taste. Let’s say that I find this metal shell so successful, that I think it is a little shame to have integrated a screen.

The second screen, located in the back of the Meizu Pro 7.



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