Pay service: Skype allows PayPal transfers

Skype now allows users to process PayPal payments through the chat application. If you want to send money to friends, friends, or family members during a chat, you can do this via the Android or iOS app of Skype. PayPal transfers via Skype work in 22 countries.

PayPal transfer during a Skype chat

PayPal can be selected directly from a chat. Within the chat view, the user taps Search and selects Send Money from the new window. In the next step, the user must specify both the country in which he is located and the state of the beneficiary. After you have entered the transfer amount and the authorization of the PayPal account, the money transfer can be completed. In the chat process, a money symbol will appear, indicating the transfer status.

PayPal transfers are limited to Skype’s mobile apps. Users need the current application for Android or iOS. Skype for Windows 10 Mobile is not supported.


For private use only

The PayPal feature is intended for private-to-private payments. Commercial vendors can not use PayPal integration to request cash for orders.

Available in 22 countries

Skype offers the payment options in the following 22 countries: Germany, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, UK, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, San Marino, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain , USA and Cyprus. The introduction of the feature is a step-by-step process, so not all users have direct access to the PayPal feature.

Apart from Skype, a number of other communications applications also support PayPal payments. The online financial services provider cooperates with Microsoft, Apple and Slack. PayPal money orders are already available in e-mails via, iMessage, via Siri voice command and via slack chats.




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