Deutsche Telekom: More data volume in small tariffs from August 8th

Deutsche Telekom: Mehr Datenvolumen in kleinen Tarifen ab 8. August

Even before the launch of the IFA in September, Deutsche Telekom is to increase the data volume of certain MagentaMobil contracts and reduce the prices in part. This is evident from telecom documents, which are Cashy’s blog. However, this primarily benefits customers of the small MagentaMobil tariffs.

As of August 8, the data volume of certain MagentaMobil tariffs will improve. If these documents are available, customers of MagentaMobil S will be able to use an LTE-Max data volume of 2 instead of 1 gigabyte as of August 8th. For customers of MagentaMobil M there is an upgrade from 3 to 4 gigabytes. The regulation is intended to apply to new and existing customers and, in part, to be implemented already before the planned date.

The new scale of MagentaMobil tariffs S, M, L, L + and XL would therefore be 2, 4, 6 and 10 gigabytes as well as unlimited data volume. According to the documents, an increase in the volume of data for the larger tariffs is not planned.


Tariffs for new customers 3 or 5 euros cheaper

Only for new customers of MagentaMobil as well as the Family Card should the offers of Deutsche Telekom in the promotion period from 8 August to 30 September be booked for 3 Euro cheaper for the duration of 12 or 24 months. From € 34.95 for MagentaMobil S without a smartphone, for example, would be € 31.95. This calculation example can be applied to all other variants.

Larger is the difference in the Friends rates. There, Deutsche Telekom wants to attract new customers by 31 August with a discount of 5 euros. MagentaMobil S Friends without a smartphone would cost just 29.95 euros per month instead of 34.95 euros for the duration of 24 months. Also in this case, the computing example is transferable to other Friends tariffs.


Higher handling price from 15 August

Not everything will be better or cheaper at Deutsche Telekom, however: From August 15, the provision price will rise from € 29.95 to € 39.95.



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