Android Trojan “Sypeng” steals login data for banking apps

Android security leakAndroid Trojan “Sypeng ” – The open source platform Android is repeatedly attacked by a malicious software. The Trojan identified as “Sypeng” is classified as very dangerous because it does not have the login data of banking apps.

Android Trojan Sypeng klaut login data

The Trojan Sypeng is not new because it has been running its way since 2013. As the website Kaspersky Lab reported, new changes to the malware occurred in July 2017. The cybercriminals have added new functionalities, which makes Sypeng a keylogger.

Sypeng steals typed texts by using accessibility for services. Apart from it, the Trojan has access to the login data of banking apps. In contrast to many other Trojans, the German market is affected.

So far in Germany only very common

According to Kaspersky, the Trojan has not yet spread widely. A total of 23 countries are affected, of which about 27 per cent of German Android users. Sypeng seems to be very innovative, as the Trojan was among the first of its kind to launch attacks on SMS banking and phishing sites. The makers of Sypeng are developing the malicious software more and more and the Trojan spreads as a flash player disguised.

Once a smartphone is infected, the Trojan places itself after the installation as an “invisible layer” over the display keyboard to shoot shots when a button is pressed. The shots are then loaded by the user unintentionally on the server of the fraudsters. Using this keylogger, the cybercriminals not only come to the login data of banking apps, but also to the credit card data stored in the Google Play store. Basically, do not install third-party apps, just download them from Google PlayStore applications. It is absolutely necessary to install all available security updates from the smartphone manufacturer and to install a virus scanner with the latest software. Unfortunately the most recent version of Sypeng is still to work.



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