Bitkom: Great smartphones in Germany increasingly popular

Bitkom: Große Smartphones in Deutschland immer beliebter

The Federal Association for Information Management, Telecommunications and New Media (Bitkom) has published a forecast for the development of the smartphone and tablet market in Germany. According to this, more than 24 million smartphones and over 6 million tablets will be sold this year.

The Germans will no longer buy this year, but above all bigger and more expensive smartphones. As the Bitkom reported in a today published forecast, in Germany this year 24.1 million smartphones are sold. That would be a minimal decrease compared to the 24.2 million sold smartphones in the previous year. Bitkom assumes, however, that sales of smartphones will nevertheless rise from 9.4 to 9.8 billion euros.


This is justified by the Germans’ demand for ever-bigger smartphones, so-called phablets. According to Bitkom, these are often more powerful and therefore also more expensive, which drives the average price per device and thus also the turnover in the amount. The sales figures of Phablets will increase by 8 per cent to 5 million units, predicts the Bitkom. The average price for a Phablet in Germany is 615 euros, explains the association. On the other hand, smaller smartphones would only cost 352 euros.

Germans spend most on smartphones

According to the figures of Bitkom is the smartphone of the German dear child. For no other device would Germans according to Bitkom spend more money. In the past ten years, 180 million smartphones have been sold in Germany for a total of 67 billion euros. 54 million citizens use a smartphone, which corresponds to 78 percent of Germans aged 14 or over.

Turnover on tablets

The tablet market is similar to the smartphone market. The Bitkom is measured in terms of numbers from a slight drop from 6.7 to 6.6 million sold tablets for the current year. Tablets will increase 2.4% to 2.1 billion euros. On average, 318 euros are spent on a tablet in Germany, according to the forecast.



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