The bill on Competition is finally law: what changes?

Nearly two and a half years after the first wording, the bill on competition was finally approved by the Senate in its latest draft and thus becomes effective law. The novelties are so many and concern different sectors of the economy, but we summarize what are the main novelties in the field of telephony.

There will be advances in digital payments, which for cultural events and museums can be carried out by their smartphone. However, the obligation for call centers to declare the commercial nature of the call and to provide the identity of the calling party falls . You will also be able to continue the call even if you do not have the recipient’s consent.

With the new law it will be possible to change operator, withdraw from a contract or cancel it by telematics. Operators will have to inform potential customers of the costs they will have to face for fixed or mobile operators, and contracts can not last longer than 24 months . It should also be easier to migrate among operators, still difficult on some occasions.

You can find the complete DDL text at this address, where you will also find other novelties.



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