Telekom increases data volume in MagentaMobil tariffs S and M

Telecom Sim cardMagentaMobil S and M with more volume – After the last few weeks many smaller providers have increased the data volume in their tariffs, the Telekom is also pulling. New and existing customers will be given more volume in the MagentaMobil S and M tariffs. There is also a price advantage for new customers.

Telekom increases data volumes

Traditionally, Deutsche Telekom is announcing new product innovations and tariff changes at IFA. This year, Telekom is already improving two tariffs from its tariff portfolio in the run-up to the IFA. According to information from Caschys Blog Telekom is to August 8, 2017 the volume of data in the tariffs magenta mobile S and magenta mobile M increase.

The Magenta Mobil S tariff currently has 1 GB of data volume, in future it can be surfed here with up to 2 GB high-speed volume. In addition, the data volume in the MagentaMobil M tariff is increased from 3 GB to 4 GB . According to customer support, Telekom customers will be converted to the new terms in the next few days. There are no changes, however, in the Magenta L and L + tariffs. Customers will still receive 6 GB or 10 GB of data volume.

Price advantage for Telekom new customers

With the tariff changes on August 8, new customers also receive a price advantage of 3 euros per month. The discount applies for the first year of the contract, and the regular basic price is calculated from the 13th month of the contract. The costs for the MagentaMobil S tariff are therefore initially at 31.95 euros and later at 34.95 euros . The promotion price also applies to other MagentaMobil tariffs with and without mobile phone.

However, there are also bad news. From 15 August 2017 the Telekom increases the one-off connection price from 29.95 euro to 39.95 euro. Despite the increased increase in the volume of data, further innovations are expected at the IFA in Berlin.




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