RED Hydrogen also silences a quirky guy like Marques Brownlee

Even a kindly blunt guy like Marquette Brownlee, known as YouTube, has been silent in front of a running prototype of RED Hydrogen, the smartphone being developed by the camera manufacturer, which is far from economical.

Marques had the opportunity to touch with three different prototypes: one that did not work, but it allows to appreciate the materials, the buttons and the aesthetic side, a Hydrogen Holographic unit and a third prototype with a photographic module that will be sold separately.

In the video below you can still see the three versions of RED Hydrogen, although the most interesting one, with the display in operation, is not visible by the express request of the manufacturer. However, Marques’s expression is visible, which admits he was impressed by the 3D effect applied to a 2D video.

There are no defects as a bleeding effect on the edges of the display and some moving movements, but as a prototype the result is really good. New information should arrive in the middle of September, even if preordices are already open. If you have $ 1200 to invest, hoping the smartphone really comes into the market, the time is right. Otherwise, enjoy the movie and wait for new information.




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