Live Xplay 7 comes with fingerprint scanner in the screen and triple rear camera

At the Shanghai MWC this year, Chinese Vivo producer showed some prototypes of smartphones equipped with ultrasonic scanners for Qualcomm fingerprint readings .

This is the next generation of scanners Qualcomm should make available to smartphone makers in the last quarter of 2017.

Among the devices shown in Shanghai, we also find Vivo Xplay 7 (also known as Vivo X20 ), a smartphone that can count on a fingerprint reader integrated into the screen (the latter should occupy much of the front surface of the body).

Another interesting feature of Vivo Xplay 7 is the back of it, where there is a photo compartment composed of three sensors (they will probably be able to support the technology of Increased Reality).

There is currently no information on the smartphone’s technical features, which should still be found among the high end devices. Soon we should know more.



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