The Facebook speaker would be testing, but it is not the only project he is working on

A few days ago we talked about Facebook’s intention to launch into the intelligent speaker industry. Despite being the first rumors about this, the project that was born within Building 8 was confirmed and confirmed by the latest chats. However, it would not be the only one to engage the engineers: the devices would be two, distinct but shared by a proprietary voice server .

In addition to what we wrote about the Amazon Echo competitor, Google Home and Siri Speaker, there is the price Zuckerberg would like to not break the hundred-dollar wall . The unpublished content contained in the latest report concerns a mysterious device dedicated to video chat, whose Android-based prototype would be testing in internal rooms at Facebook.

As you learn, the instrument would be equipped with a 13 to 15 inch touchscreen , microphones and speakers for video conferencing in comfort. There is, indeed, a wide-angle video camera, but on this point, Facebook would like to offer a 360 room , provided the development times are not too long.

Whatever the final choice on the room, the cost of the product would exceed the $ 100 threshold, and both this and the smart speaker should see light in the summer .



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