Sony: from the Xperia ZX1 to the upscale assault

Sony may have reduced its sails somewhat in its range of smartphones, the Japanese manufacturer continues however to deliver new products very regularly. Thus, new high-end Xperia have been spotted on benchmark sites.

The model G8341 has appeared on Geekbench, and according to information that can be gleaned from the scorecard of the smartphone, it will be a high-end. The device integrates a Snapdragon 835 chip equipped with 4 GB of RAM. Unfortunately, the technical features stop there because for the rest, it is the complete blur.

Sony is looking for a place

A few days earlier, it was a G8441 model that passed a head on AnTuTu, a 5-inch device also equipped with a Snapdragon 835. Sony seems to prepare the ground for two new high-end smartphones. The rumor baptized the first Xperia XZ1, the second may well be the declination “compact”.

These two terminals should therefore reach the top of the basket of Sony’s catalog, which already counts the Xperia XZ launched this year. The manufacturer is trying to impose its devices in the premium, after the failure of his intermediate family between middle and high-end: the Xperia X family was canceled last May. The formula had not convinced internationally, where sales had proved disappointing.




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