Bundesnetzagentur again imposed a fine for illegal advertising

© ExQuisine - Fotolia.comBundesnetzagentur again imposed a fine – The Federal Network Agency has imposed on the Energy2day GmbH the highest possible fine due to illicit advertising. The company had called consumers for advertising purposes without their consent.

Bundesnetzagentur again imposed a fine

Energy2day GmbH was fined by the Federal Network Agency with a fine of 300,000 euros. Unauthorized telephone advertising was demonstrated to the company, which prompted the supervisory authority to impose the highest possible fine. In the run-up to the announcement, about 2,500 consumers had complained about advertising calls, during which Energy2day GmbH had issued as a local energy supplier. Part of the claim was that the company would cooperate with the local energy supplier.

The calls were to move the called parties to change their energy supplier. “Energy2day GmbH had built up a cascade-like sales structure with a large number of sub-distributors, among others. Also working abroad, who have made calls as subcontractors in Germany “, explains the Federal Network Agency.

Bundesnetzagentur is against unauthorized telephone advertising

In the present case, the energy company had apparently attempted to escape the responsibility for the unauthorized calls made by the delegation to subcontractors. Jochen Homann, President of the Federal Network Agency, makes it clear: “Legal responsibility can not be delegated to subcontractors.”

“If subcontractors are commissioned with telephone marketing campaigns, they are subject to extensive supervisory duties. If a sales structure has already resulted in legal disputes due to unfair market behavior, there are even more intensified supervisory duties, “states the Federal Network Agency.

Bundesnetzagentur scrapes out fines

The fined fine of 300,000 euros will fully exploit the permissible framework for the first time. Energy2day GmbH has assured that it will no longer be able to operate unauthorized telephone advertising. The Federal Network Agency will observe compliance with this commitment.

As early as June, the supervisory authority imposed a fine of € 100,000 against the call center RegioCom Halle GmbH, which had illegally called on consumers in the name of E.ON Energie Deutschland GmbH. This year, the federal network agency has already imposed its own data after fines totaling 800,000 euros.

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