AGCOM extends roaming to Fastweb, Tiscali and Digi Mobil

Reducing differentiated roaming charges is one of those operations consistent with the European philosophy focused on removing barriers between Member States. While consumers have benefited from the reverse side of the coin, it is up to the telephone operators who take away the roaming booms with a little crawler.

However, the assimilation of such a radical directive for small realities such as virtual operators can be devastating, and to avoid that resources destined for “equal treatment” are taken from the pockets of all customers, including those who are not usually traveling AGCOM has granted an extension to three Italian MVNOs.

Fastweb, Tiscali and Digi Mobil will have another 365 days to align with the rest of the operators. In the meantime, they will be able to apply an additional fee, however, limited by the authority: […] The maximum applicable thresholds apply (excluding VAT): 3.2 (2.4 for Fastweb) € cent / min for calls (outgoing); 1 € cent for SMS (outgoing); 0.77 (0.6 for Fastweb) € cent / MB for data traffic (0.6 € cent as of 1 January 2018) “.

After the expiration year, all managers operating in the Italian landscape will be roam like at home.




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