Vodafone CallYa Smartphone Special XL with improved conditions

Vodafone CallYa Smartphone Special XL – The CallYa Smartphone Special XL, which is not actively marketed by Vodafone, has been available for some time with improved conditions. Customers can now use an Allnet-Flat and a higher data volume.

Vodafone CallYa Smartphone Special XL

With the CallYa Smartphone Special XL tariff, Vodafone has offered its customers an attractive option for less than 15 euros per month since spring 2016. However, the prepaid rate is not actively marketed, but is offered to selected customers via SMS and via the MeinVodafone app and provided for booking.

As a reader informed us, Vodafone has adapted the terms of the rate some time ago and improved the content. Originally, users were able to access a Vodafone network and 300 freemins in the remaining German networks as well as an SMS flat in all networks and a mobile data sheet with 1 GB. The special XL cost 13.50 euros, it was available for 15 euros.

Vodafone improves CallYa Smartphone Special XL

The monthly package price of 13.50 euros has not changed, the tariff continues to be offered at the promotional price and can be used for 28 days. In the meantime, however, it has a voice and SMS flat in all German networks, as well as a mobile data base with 1.3 GB and LTE Max. Once the volume limit is reached, the data rate is throttled to 32 Kbit / s.

The conditions valid in Germany can be used without additional costs in EU-countries. If the basic price for the tariff was not deducted, 9 cent per minute and SMS uniformly. The mobile data usage is in this case possible for 3 cents per MB.

The different CallYa tariffs are available at www.vodafone.de.

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