Quarterly figures: Apple sells more iPhones, iPads, Macs and services

Quarterly figures: Apple sells more iPhones, iPads, Macs and services

Apple has announced its business figures for the third quarter of fiscal 2017, which was completed on July 1. Revenue was up seven percent year-on-year and is at the top of the forecast. Apple has sold through the bank more devices than the same period last year.

The third quarter of fiscal 2017 includes Apple with sales of 45.41 billion US dollars (38.48 billion euros). This puts Apple at the upper end of the forecast, which was between 43.5 to 45.5 billion US dollars. The gross margin of US $ 17.49 billion, or 38.51 percent, even exceeded the highest forecast for the previous quarter. The net profit of Apple is 8.72 billion US dollar (7.39 billion euro). The profit per share is 1.67 US dollars.

For the forthcoming fourth quarter, Apple expects sales of 49 to 52 billion US dollars and a gross margin of 37.5 to 38 percent.

More iPhones, iPads and Macs

Apple has sold through the bank in all device classes more products, even the last slightly wobbling iPad has got back up by the introduction of new devices. The iPhone accounts for 41.03 million units this quarter, which is almost 1.6 percent more than a year ago. Only in the next as well as fully in the next quarter play the iPhone 7s (Plus) and iPhone 8 with purely.

Apple has sold 11.42 million units in the three months to July 1 of the iPad. This corresponds to a strong increase of 14.8 percent compared to the previous year. New models like the iPad 2017 as well as the two new iPad Pro seem to arrive well with the customers. This is a positive development after a long stretch of thirst.

Apple also marginally sold more units than a year ago. The bottom line is 4.29 million, an increase of just under one percent. The average price per Mac purchased has risen.

Cheaper Apple tablets are in demand

This underpins the sales figures by product category. For each sold Mac, Apple in the current quarter took 1.303 US dollar, a year ago it was still 1.232 US dollar. At $ 24.87 billion, iPhone accounts for the largest share of revenue, equivalent to an average price of $ 606, which is also a slight increase of $ 595. The tablet market, on the other hand, is developing towards more affordable devices – even at Apple. The average selling price has fallen from 490 to 435 US dollars. The cheaper new iPad 2017 could have helped much.

Apple services reach new all-time high

Imposing is again the all-time high of the Apple Services, which is now 7.27 billion US dollar sales. The Apple services include digital content such as apps, games, Apple music and iTunes sales, AppleCare and Apple Pay.

How much revenue Applewatch brings to the company is still unclear, the segment “other products”, including the Apple TV, Beats products and the iPod count, this time, 2.74 billion US dollars. That is 23 percent more than last year. The figures do not show which product has contributed exactly. The Apple Watch should continue to run well on the market.



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