The Long Dark: The silent Apocalypse is ready and gets a movie

After almost three years early access phase on Steam, the survival game The Long Dark has now been released as a complete version with story mode. In the run-up, the game had already been sold around 1.3 million times. Parallel to the release was also announced a Realverfilmung (Live Action Movie).

The Long Dark: „Stille Apokalypse“ ohne Zombies

The Long Dark is a true-to-life Survival game that, unlike many other genres, does not serve any zombie apocalypse. Instead, it is necessary to explore as a single player the frosty wilderness of northern Canada, which mainly contains natural hazards such as cold, hunger and predators. A further complicating factor is that the geomagnetic storm caused the power supply to break down.

Without story mode already 1.3 million sales

Even without a story mode, the work of the independent developer studio Hinterland enjoyed great resonance. Survival mode should encourage players to think and survive on their own. The battle for survival in the open game world in the sandbox style was seasoned with Permadeath – dies the character in the game, it is back to the beginning. The search for equipment, supplies and protection from the wilderness coined the game, a background story did not exist at first.

Wintermute tells a story in five episodes

With the now released official version for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the episodic story mode Wintermute is added to the survival mode. The story revolves around the pilot Will Mackenzie, who, driven by the player, after a plane crash in the wilderness in search of his passenger Dr. Astrid Greenwood makes.

At the start are only two of the five episodes of the Season One, which are about 15 hours of play time. Episode three to five should be submitted later this year and next year. The purchase price of 31.99 Euro (Steam version) includes all five episodes of Wintermute, so the supply for owners of the game appears free of charge.


Live-Action-Film in Arbeit

The story of The Long Dark – Wintermute is also to be implemented as a real film, as Hinterland Studio has told. The studio collaborates with Resident Evil producer Jeremy Bolt. As a fan of the video game, Bolt contacted Raphael van Lierop, founder and creative director of Hinterland. The filming is in progress and is produced by Bolt Pictures, while Van Lierop is responsible for the script. Director (s) or actor have not yet been announced, an appointment is also missing.

Instead, a short film, filmed by the director Jared Pelletier, will be shown by Elegy to show how The Long Dark might look like a live action movie. Oskar-Prize winner Christopher Plummer as a narrator provides prominence.




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