The future of mixed reality is in bright field displays, according to Avegant

Virtual reality viewers, increased reality, or mixed reality, which allows you to display virtual objects projected in the real world, can not yet collect great success. It will be for unnatural technology, which brings the brain to believe that a projected image just a few inches from the eye is actually tens of meters away.

It will be for the sense of social isolation or the sense of discomfort, which often turns into nausea, but you will hardly find someone enthusiastic about what can offer the current technological landscape. Things, however, would change as Avegant claims, a company that is completing the development of a new prototype that will be on the market in 2018.

At first you will think about commercial use but should come up with consumer versions within a short time. The solution, according to Avegant, would be in bright field displays that would allow the retina to project the images in a very similar way to that which the human eye perceives and focuses on things.

The first impression from colleagues at The Verge, who have been able to test an advanced prototype of the device, argues that the feeling is really natural, very different from the common VR viewers. The Avegant device was connected to a desktop PC via a cable, but in future the processing power should allow the control unit to be inserted directly into the viewer.

Soon so we can go around the road with a pair of glasses with mixed reality technology. Avegant’s goal, and other companies to work on similar solutions, is to create an environmentally-friendly computer, which is not limited by the size of the screen we can put in your pocket or purse, but who does not know the boundaries.



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