O2 Free 15 with 15 GB for young people for 24.99 Euro

O2 Free 15 for young people – o2 donates the action star o2 Free 15 for a short time to the action price. The offer is aimed at young people, students, students and trainees and is available for 24.99 euros per month.

O2 Free 15 ActionStar

In the online shop of o2, the o2 Free 15 is available for a short time at the promotional price. The offer costs € 24.99 per month and includes a voice and SMS flat in all German networks as well as a mobile data file with 15 GB volume and maximum surfing speeds of 225 Mbps. After reaching the volume limit, a throttling to 1 Mbit / s via UMTS and HSDPA is used. EU roaming is included in the tariff.

In the Simonly variant, the tariff regularly costs 29.99 euros, for young people and students it is offered for action 24.99 euros per month. The offer is valid for customers up to 26 years of age, as well as for students, apprentices and students who are older. Age or status must be demonstrated in the context of the contract.

O2 Free 15 for 24.99 euros

Those who bring the appropriate age will receive a monthly discount of 5 euros for 24 months. The monthly package price of 29.99 euros drops to 24.99 euros. The young people’s benefit applies, provided the customer meets the requirements at the time of the contract conclusion. If he becomes 27 years of age or completes his education, the estate will be canceled from the 25th month.

At www.o2online.de the o2 Free 15 with young people’s advantage can be completed.

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