Galaxy Note 8: design, screen, price, here is all that we know about the next flagship of Samsung

Samsung has assured, the Galaxy Note 7, despite its incredible fiasco did not kill the brand Galaxy Note. As proof, the Korean announced a few days ago that he will hold a press conference on 23 August to announce a device “that makes things big.” Less than a month from this announcement, let’s take stock of everything we know.

Design in the pure spirit of the Galaxy Note

If there is one strange thing to note this year on the design of the Galaxy Note 8 is that it has very little leakage. Samsung seems to have considerably revised its privacy protocols. In the case of the Galaxy S8, for example, we already knew what the phone looked like more than a month before its announcement. But in the case of the Galaxy Note 8, we were not entitled to any real photo leaking from the phone. This explains why we will have to content ourselves for now only with renderings in 3D. There are two of them, which corroborate each other.

Galaxy Note 7. The Galaxy Note 8 should be inspired by its more rectangular lines than those found on the S range.



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