Battlefield 1 Revolution: main game and DLCs as a bundle later this year has revealed by a brief listing that EA will bring on 22 August a new complete version of Battlefield 1 (test) in the market. Battlefield 1: Revolution, like the already available deluxe edition of the Shooter, contains the main game as well as the premium pass with all DLCs.

EA, however, requires only around 60 euros for revolution on the PC, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. The cat in the bag has still to be purchased with this “GotY” or Ultimate version: Of the four DLCs included in the Premium-Pass, only the first extension “They Shall Not Pass” has been released so far.

Since Revolution does not expand the existing product range, the bundle is an attempt to generate new attention with a fresh name and push the sales of the DLCs before the Season Pass model is replaced. The production of DLCs in multiplayer titles is apparently not too successful for EA. On the other hand, experiments like “Premium Friends”, which no longer exclusively link access to DLC content to their purchase, and, on the other hand, titles like Battlefront 2, which finance new content with permanent microtransactions.




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