IPhone 8: Face detection and borderless display probably confirmed

Mutmaßliches Apple iPhone 8 Bild ForbesIPhone 8 with face detection –In September to the Apple Keynote, the iPhone 8 with special features is expected. Rumors about a face recognition and an almost borderless display now seem to confirm, despite many contradictions in the past.

IPhone 8: HomePod reveals details

A few days ago, pictures were published on the net, which challenged a full-screen by a bulge on the upper edge of the supposed iPhone 8 housing. New hints, however, suggest that Apple will spend the iPhone 8 an almost borderless display.

However, the new notes come not from the iPhone 8 itself, but from the firmware of the June of Apple presented stationary Siri Speaker HomePod.

Firmware code from HomePod provides clues

According to a report from MacRumors, the operating system iOS 11.0.2 runs on the HomePod, which is also suitable for the iPhone 8. According to the report, the code contains indications of a face detection using infrared or ultrasound, which is integrated in the BiometricKit. This platform is also responsible for Touch ID. The developer Steven-Troughton Smith wants to have discovered the appropriate codes and has published a corresponding picture on Twitter.

In the BiometricKit of iOS 11, there are new features such as the naming of infrared sensors. In contrast to a conventional camera, images for authentication could be captured. The sensors should be on the front of the iPhone 8 and should be together with the Selfie camera the only interruption for a borderless screen. Unfortunately, the HomePod firmware does not show whether the new feature will replace Touch ID. According to rumors, the iPhone 8 will have a “wake-up” feature that the developer Steven-Troughton Smith has also discovered in the company of HomePod. According to 9to5Mac, Apple is currently developing such a feature, which is now probably confirmed by the firmware code. Image: Assuming Apple iPhone 8 Image Forbes.

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