Motorola: The Mod 360 Camera is interesting, but pay attention to price

Motorola hit a big hit this week by unveiling its new Moto Z2 Play and Z2 Force. High-end smartphones that benefit from all the power of the Snapdragon 835 and a battery of high-end components.

The range Moto Z has an advantage to stand out: a certain propensity to modularity. We are far from the possibilities offered by the late G5 of LG, but the Mods offer interesting combinations for the user who wants to improve some feature of his smartphone.

A camera to capture everything 360 degrees

On the occasion of the launch of these new Moto Z2, Motorola has added a new reference to the catalog of compatible Mods: the Moto 360 Camera. This is as its name suggests from a camera (two actually 13 megapixels each), which installs to the back of the smartphone, and which allows to make pictures and videos 4K to 24 Images / second, over 360 degrees. A complete application the device to edit the content.

All this is reminiscent of the module developed by Essential for the mobile of the same name … except that with Andy Rubin, the creator of Essential, the accessory will cost $ 100 less. Unfortunately for him, it is still necessary that the smartphone and his camera are available in the trade, which is still far from being the case.

During the presentation of the new Z2, Motorola had not given price for this 360 camera. It is now done: the device will cost $ 300 and it will be available from August 10, Time than smartphones (at least in the US). This Moto Mod will be compatible with all mobile phones in the Moto Z range.



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