Galaxy Note 8: Samsung announces camera features

Galaxy Note 8 Camera Photo Facebook Tung HaGalaxy Note 8 Camera Features – On August 23, Samsung will introduce the new Phablet Galaxy Note 8 pen. It will, according to the rumored kitchen, be the first Samsung smartphone with dual camera. Currently, Samsung has now announced more details on the camera.

Galaxy Note 8: Samsung announces camera details

In the new pen-Phablet from the Korean manufacturer Samsung, Galaxy Note 8, a high-end camera is used for the first time. So far, there was no detailed information on the features of the main camera.

On the Korean website of Samsung Electro-Mechanics, the manufacturer has just introduced a camera module. It is to be used in the Galaxy Note 8 for the first time.

Optical zoom and OIS for touch 8 camera

According to a report from DroidHolic, the high-end camera is to have a triple optical zoom. Apparently, the camera is still not far out of the case, because the image stabilizer (OIS) will be very narrow. Both lenses will offer good quality even in low light conditions.

Images with a bokeh effect can be recorded using “refocusing” and a blur can also be adjusted manually. The report mentions a feature called “Perspective View”, which is likely to rotate images 45 degrees left and right. The HDR function of the dual camera compensates contrast differences. Just a few months ago, a dual camera for the Galaxy Note 8 with a triple optical zoom was assumed, so it can be assumed that the newly presented module is used in grade 8.



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