Retrofotofund: 5MB hard drive from 1956

If you send an e-mail with a couple of vacation photos today, you’ll like the ten MB – for a mail. The fact that the times were not always so strong is also proved by this photograph from 1956. Here half a dozen IBM employees transport a memory to a truck, which is literally five MB in size. An old-fashioned cabinet, at least as heavy as a piano – hard disks just looked like that. Today, microSD is sold as big as a small fingernail with 256 GB. That would be 51,200 of these hard disk safes. It should be quite tight even in giant aircraft wingsangers. If the next time someone of you is annoyed again, because the 4K-Netflixstream in the subway is so slow. Most of today’s everyday understandings are still technical miracles.



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