Android is back years ahead of the iPhone in the photos, Vic Gundotra’s voice

I would never use an Android smartphone to take photos! “. This categorical phrase was not pronounced by an Apple fanboy or by Tim Cook, but by Vic Gundotra for years, Google’s engineers and current CEO of AliveCor, a leader in smartphone ECG (ElectroCardioGramma) technology.

The phrase may be even weird if we go back a few years when, in a post on Google+, Gundotra stated that Google would have made an ” extraordinarily extraordinary ” Nexus camera . After years, the Big G smartphone has been greatly improved but is still far from excellence, so Gundotra says: ” And you’re not interested in being back years (compared to iPhone), you buy an Android smartphone ” .

So why did a former leader express himself in such a clear way against his former employer? Bitterness? Resentment? No, just Vic Gundotra speaks with a sense of cause and explains the reason for his affirmations.

Have you ever wondered why a Samsung smartphone has so many photo options? Do you have to use Samsung Camera or Android Camera? The Samsung Gallery or Google Photos? Samsung is innovating to have applications that can make the most of hardware (such as a better camera), but it must persuade Google to make new products available to other applications via the appropriate APIs. Years may be YEARS.

Apple does not have all these limits. I innovate hardware and adapt software to the novelties introduced (like portrait mode) and sells. If you want to get great photos buy an iPhone. If you’re not interested in being back years, buy Android “

At this point it seems that the efforts of HTC, LG, Samsung, Huawei and Nokia, without forgetting the same Google, are destined to be out of the question: Android will always be back in the photographic sector. Obviously, according to Vic Gundotra. Do you agree with this statement? Can Google really be the bottleneck in the evolution of the photogallery?

Will the smartphones ever deliver DSLR-like performance or remain a mirage even for the iPhone? Let us know your thoughts through the comments box.



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