Bundesnetzagentur sets final details for vectoring expansion

Bundesnetzagentur specifies details for Vectoring – The Federal Network Agency has defined the last details for the close-up vectoring development and has given all market players clarity about the rules. The supervisory authority now wishes to ensure the correct compliance with the dismantling commitments.

Vectoring expansion can begin

As reported by the Federal Network Agency, the supervisory authority has defined the latest details for vectoring and has clarified technical, operational and legal details. Telecom and other market players can start with the expansion of the near areas and tap into them with vectoring. The Bundesnetzagentur is monitoring compliance with the expansion commitments already made.

“The standard offer defined by the Federal Network Agency is a model agreement which contains the concrete conditions for the use of the Vector in the near areas,” explains the Federal Network Agency. “This includes, in particular, the termination rules for the subscriber line (TAL) used for VDSL at the main distributors and the regulations for the migration to other intermediate products. It also includes the design of the alternative VULA access product, which must be very close in its characteristics of the unbundled TAL. “


Federal Network Agency specifies details for Vectoring

The VULA access products, which include virtually unbundled local access products, cost competitors 7.48 euros per connected end-user per month. In addition, there is a fee for granting the Vectoring infrastructure of EUR 871.47 per year.

The European Commission had received the draft decisions at the end of June, there were no serious doubts.





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