Man-Machine Interface Devices for Industry 4.0: The New Eaton Whitepaper

Dispositivi di interfaccia uomo-macchina per Industria 4.0: il nuovo whitepaper di Eaton

It is evident that day-to-day life can no longer be ignored by touch screen technologies and even at industrial level multitouch operations are becoming increasingly important. It is also clear that new smart devices can provide greater ease of use in processes, offering high-end support. These devices allow you to detect – at any time – information about machine status or maintenance plans by simply using an internet connection, resulting in tangible benefits such as reducing machine downtime and increased productivity.

Eaton has released a new whitepaper entitled “Interaction Concepts for New Generation Machines” to go deep in this. The author, Tobias Ischen, introduces basic command and display devices by analyzing the factors that designers need to consider during design to meet Industry 4.0 / IE requirements and the needs of digital era operators. The whitepaper also addresses the progress made in modern multi-touch control systems as well as the role of control devices.

Through the use of multi-touch HMI / PLCs and eye-catching design controls, engineers can add value to the design solution. It is also important to ensure that the man-machine interface offers a secure and compliant interaction with international regulations. The Whitepaper deepens in detail the aspects related to standards and provisions for the implementation of basic and security-related functions. In fact, the use of the actuator, color and marking of a button is specifically regulated and, in the case of a solution designed to be exported, it is important to be familiar with local standards.

The whitepaper also addresses the issue of standards regarding the way a simple device can transmit information. Designers and application engineers need to wonder what information they want to provide to their customers and what components they can offer. This is achieved by using universally recognized symbols to represent general functions. In this way it is possible to reduce the complexity resulting from the differences between the practices in use in different countries.

However, the development of man-machine interaction components also includes their integration into existing systems. This suggests designers to develop operational concepts that are easily integrated into the solution already in use. HMI is generally considered an integral part of an automation solution based on programmable control logic (PLC).

The digital world evolves rapidly and what seems impossible today could be achieved in a near future. This also applies to man-machine interface devices. Thanks to its proven experience over time, Eaton not only offers a wide range of products but provides information and know how on developing state-of-the-art solutions. Galileo viewing software, for example, is an important component in this process, as it enables you to implement intuitive operating concepts in a short time.




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