Navigating from iPhone to Windows 10? Now you can

Navigare passando da iPhone a Windows 10? Ora si può

The idea of ​​Microsoft with Windows 10 is to create an ecosystem that unites mobile and desktop seamlessly. That’s why the Redmond company lets you start browsing on an Android mobile device and then continue on PC without losing open cards, searches, and more. The novelty was introduced a few days ago with the latest build of the operating system available to Insiders who chose the Fast Ring option. Microsoft, who is preparing to launch a new home appliance, had promised to allow the same operation even with iPhone and kept the word.

IOS users who want to test the new feature must only subscribe to the Insider program, download Windows 10 build 16251, and record their device under “Phone” on PC. You will now be sent an SMS asking you to install “Microsoft Apps”. After completing the setup, you will be able to start navigating from your iPhone and continue to do so on the Windows Edge browser without losing what you were doing. The feature is now only available for Microsoft testers, but soon it will be for everyone. In September will come Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which in addition to cross platform navigation will bring more news. Among these there will be no long-awaited Timeline functions but you can console with the certainty that Paint will stay in place despite the fears of the past few days.



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