Cardemio arrives: the first dynamic business card for a smart professional network

Arriva Cardemio: il primo biglietto da visita dinamico per una rete professionale smart

We are in the middle of a business meeting or dinner and we know a lot of people between clients and potential partners. As usual, we go home with the jacket pocket full of business cards that will be stored on the smartphone’s address or, worse, lost among other documents on the desk. There are already many digital solutions that can overcome the excessive physicality of your business cards, but occasionally some more interesting ones come out of it, as they carry new and useful features.

This is the case for Cardemio, a platform that combines the needs of those who can not give up the paper business card to those who have embraced digital transformation even in such contexts. In fact, Cardemio is both a mobile app (iOS and Android) that acts as a list of contacts scanned through a QR code, a way to create a classic cardboard to display name, surname and profession, but above all a code that remains Always the same, despite its evolutionary dynamism.

How the QR code works dynamically

Each member can then generate his QR code to show to others through the application as well as the sheet of paper. The good thing is that the code does not change in shapes and sizes but retains its peculiar features even when new elements are added to the profile. Once resumed with the camera and stored in the Cardemio address book, contact information will automatically update to the change made by the holders, so you are sure to always have a list with the last job titles of friends, family, and colleagues.

Ecological but smart choice

The difference between Cardemio and competition is all this: where the QR codes seen so far retain static data, imprinted in the bit once set in the various services, the applications developed by the Co-Brains ApS boys are constantly updated and do not need Manual changes if you become aware of a change of location, a new email address, or a mobile number: synchronization is instantaneous and automatic.

Cardemio also has a Pro version, with the ability to create, with the same QR code, different business cards. Why? Simple: to show certain contacts only what you want; Perhaps strictly personal information only to those with whom you are more confident and the profile with the telephone reference and the email address of the office to those who belong to the professional network. And that is why Cardemic advocates coined the claim of The First Networking Assistant. We took this opportunity to ask a few questions to Giacomo Baratti, co-founder of the project.

How was the idea of ​​Cardemio born?
“From an obvious need: do not have to do too much to track down the right people at the right time. Especially young people can often change their jobs and roles, even within the same sphere. I myself moved to Denmark and at the beginning I took so long to alert all my contacts to the new home address, Danish phone number, email, and so on. With Cardemio everything has become simpler: I updated the profile and everybody in my network got the new information right away. ”

So the app meets a real need: to keep up with the evolution of work …
“Exactly, with my partners, Dorian, Giulia and Manolo, in less than a week we had the planned project. We worked to set up the platform, even sweating on other projects to put aside some capital, but in the end we succeeded. We have built a great square in which to gain knowledge and relationships, never losing one contact. ”

Describe what the product benefits
“The service allows you to create one or more business cards related to a single dynamic QR code. Cardemio does not want to replace the classic ticket but offer a greater weapon to the same, making it more effective. In other words, it is a plus that, if integrated into your business card, allows it to digitize and keep up to date. For those who are fond of digital tools such as QR and v-card, Cardemio offers a valuable alternative: no information will ever be obsolete, even an old ticket will make you reachable in a few easy steps. ”

Then there is the multiple profile …
“Here the advantage is in being able to select what to share with whom. People often know about people for different reasons and projects. Unlike the classic card, Cardemio allows you to share just some data with the right address, combining the details with really useful information, including CV, portfolio and social profiles. The privacy function allows for greater control over digital identity, keeping in mind the p



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