The LG V30 will go on sale on September 28th

The LG V30 goes on sale on September 28th

If LG is to present the V30 in Berlin on August 31, according to a report from Android Authority, it will take just under a month until the smartphone will be available, at least in the US: there the sale on 28 September will start. In South Korea, the shelves will be stocked on 15 September. The editorial team of the website refers to a LG internal document, which is called this data.

In the USA, orders are to be accepted from 17 September, before the sale starts eleven days later. Europe is not explicitly mentioned, Germany is not at all, after all 28 September is identified as a “global launch”.

The V30 would be the first V-Series smartphone to come on the market in Germany. It is currently up to date.



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