The EU banishes six dangerous Chinese chargers

The European Commission has ordered the recall of six Chinese wall chargers as they are considered dangerous for the risk of electric shock (for violating the CEI EN 60950 standard for electrical insulation).

According to what is learned from the twenty-ninth report published under the Rapid Alert System, the chargers that have been banned are as follows:

  • EP-TA20EWE
  • A1400
  • ES-D06
  • JM-T0XX
  • MY-222
  • RP-U21

The first three were launched on the market without a specific brand and under the name of “Travel Charger” while the last three were respectively produced by the Chinese Powerful, EMY and Proda manufacturers.

I Sell RP-u21 USB Charger and EMY MY-222 Travel Charger were reported at the beginning of the month in Denmark and are the only two models in the group of six forbidden so there is no “serious risk” for the safety of the consumers.

The other four have also been reported in Denmark and it is unclear in which markets, in addition to the Danish market, they are sold.

If you should be in your hands, be very careful.



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