IPhone 8: Apple puts on face detection

IPhone 8 gets facial recognition

The HomePod from Apple is to be available in the US only at the end of the year, the firmware of the Siri loudspeaker is already circulating in the net. And this includes interesting details regarding the new iPhone, which is expected in September. For example, developer Steve Troughton-Smith reports on Twitter that the code contains clear indications that Apple’s new smartphone can be unlocked by facial recognition. This feature is not expected in all models that Apple will launch this year. Rather, only the “D22” is equipped with “Pearl”. This is what Apple calls this function.

To this exact anniversary iPhone has the developer Guilherme Rambo in the same HomePod firmware found an icon, Which confirms the virtually frameless display on the front. It remains unclear, however, how Apple will deal with this device with the fingerprint sensor. Are you fully using face detection as a safety lever? Unlikely. Is the sensor integrated into the screen? Or is it shipped to the back?



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