New EU Roaming: Beware of cruising

EU Roaming on cruises – Since June 15, 2017 no roaming fees may be charged inside the EU. While the new regulation takes a matter of course in country travel, it can be on cruises cost trap.

EU Roaming has disappeared

European travelers can make phone calls, texting and surfing without additional fees abroad June 15th 2017th The elimination of the roaming mobile communication has abroad significantly simplified and eliminates a cost trap.

Caution is still warranted, however. While the new EU regulation on land uses, of course, it is not automatically valid for cruises and cruises. Especially traveling at sea can be problematic.

EU Roaming on cruises

Near the coast, the mobile phone can dial into a cellular network and access the EU tariff. If this is not possible – for example, because the ship is at sea – are in part the on-board cellular networks are used. These are often provided by satellite and are not covered by the fees of the domestic mobile operator. Yachts can be, groping quickly into the cost trap. Especially if the mobile data has not been off and the smartphone will regularly send data packets. In the ship’s nets up to 5 euros per minute of the call will be charged often, mobile data is more expensive in some cases.

To avoid high costs, ship passengers should change prior to departure automatic network searching their device to Manual and turn off mobile data. The automatic – and often unnoticed – link with the ship network is thus no longer possible.

Be careful with gangways

Even when ashore should be taken on which network the phone is connected. Frequently, the signal of the electrical system in the harbor is stronger than the signal of the land networks and is preferably used by the devices for automatic network selection.

Who does not want to give up the mobile communication in cruises outside Europe should look for Simkarten dortiger provider. These are often clearly more favorable than the vehicle electrical systems and can be used on land crossings.



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