Nokia and Carl Zeiss: HMD announces camera technology for future models

Nokia 6 image AndroidCentralNokia with Zeiss camera again – as HDM Global, license partners of current Nokia smartphones, the first Android devices with the Nokia logo announced, had many hoped that once again the camera is integrated with Zeiss optics. Nokia 3, 5 and Nokia Nokia 6 this desire not fulfilled. HMD has given currently known that future Nokia smartphones are again equipped with Zeiss camera optics.

Nokia: Coming Soon Nokia models with Zeiss camera optics

The Finnish manufacturer had released with the Nokia 808 PureView years ago a smart phone, which is still considered a reference model for camera phones. Installed a camera lens from the German manufacturer Zeiss 41.9-megapixel sensor.

Unfortunately, the new Nokia licensors HMD Global with the current models Nokia 3, 5 and Nokia Nokia had renounced this technique. 6 According to reports, this will change, but in future Nokia smartphones. HMD therefore intends to contact the German camera specialists Zeiss common in smartphones new standards.

Partnership with Xiaomi and Zeiss

Once a partnership is entered into with the China manufacturer Xiaomi already, is now cooperating again with the German camera specialists Zeiss. The goal of Global HMD and Nokia is clear: In the future Nokia smartphones will shine with a powerful camera. In March, Nokia had that not working with components of Zeiss longer while still declared on Twitter. Compared to a user request HMD Global has this statement to the website NPU later revised.

According to a press release by now a collaboration between Nokia and Zeiss is considered safe. A collaboration between Xiaomi and Zeiss was carried out during the production of the 41-megapixel camera from Lumia 1020 and the Nokia 808 PureView. Mainly the partnership is to insist on exchange of license rights and patents. According to rumors, the China manufacturer Xiaomi will also manufacture processors for Nokia models. Cover: Nokia 6 AndroidCentral.



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